Mommies Magazine By Rebecca Wicks I am a child of the 70s. I wasn’t allowed to have a Barbie and was told repeatedly I could have any career I wanted. Later in the 80s I was surrounded by entertainment media that showed me how women could and should be in—[read more »]

Ventura Breeze, Jan. 26, 2011 By Rebecca Wicks This Friday, Jan. 28 is the last day Ventura Unified School District accepts School of Choice forms for the fall 2011 academic year. This means a good number of parents are currently fretting over where to apply to local public school. Yes,—[read more »]

Ventura Breeze Apr. 22, 2009 By Rebecca Wicks We all know moms matter. I mean hey, dads, sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts matter too – but, there is something special about the role moms tend to play in our lives, especially in our childhood. For many of us being a—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Aug. 12, 2009 In these tough economic times especially for those of us with jobs like writing which provide a less than steady income, many of us have found our budgets a little tighter. That said, the Ventura County Fair only comes around once a—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Excema in babies is common. Most symptoms subside substantially around two years, but until then can be a headache for parents. Here are some tips on regular care that can help calm breakouts. Step 1 – Regular Cleansing. Saliva, mucus, food and dirt can be irritants—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks As a new parent you will be taking your baby to the doctor’s office for well baby visits a lot. Starting with a 4-week appointment, you and your baby will see the pediatrician at least a half dozen times before your child reaches the age of—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Newborn tear ducts can easily get clogged in the first few days after birth. Instead of heading immediately to the doctor’s office, try this home remedy which provides a surprisingly simple solution. Symptoms include tearing in the eye, goopy newborn eyes, and red eyes. The tearing—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Sometimes it feels as if you are at war when you have a two-year-old. Mood swings, crazy behavior and general misbehavior seem to be hallmarks of the “terrible twos” which incidently begin way before they turn two and last well beyond the second year of their—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks When it comes to protecting your child from hazards in your home it’s best to know what you need and implement the best safeguards possible. From baby gates to electrical outlet covers, every parent knows baby-proofing is imperative, but with a bevy of options from a—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Turning 1 is a big milestone for a little girl. As a gift-giver the task may seem challenging–you are most likely well past your first birthday and have little idea what a 1 year old wants. Giving a great gift to a 1 year old girl—[read more »]