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Gift Ideas for One-Year Old

By Rebecca Wicks

Turning 1 is a big milestone for a little girl. As a gift-giver the task may seem challenging–you are most likely well past your first birthday and have little idea what a 1 year old wants. Giving a great gift to a 1 year old girl can be easy. Here are some guidelines to get you on your way.

Give something that will keep giving
A gift that will last and keep giving will be much appreciated by a parent, and later by the child. Great presents that will have extended life include a dwarf fruit tree that can grow with a child or a magazine subscription to a publication like National Wildlife Federation’s Wild Animal Baby.

Don’t be afraid to ask
Ask the parent what the child needs or wants. Oftentimes parents are bombarded with toys when what they really could use are socks or a specific pair of shoes.

Stand-bys made unique
Make a not-so-unique gift more unique. Buy a book with the child’s name in it. Or, purchase a book on Red Envelope (www.redenvelope) that incorporates the child’s name specifically. Try to purchase a unique baby doll. For example, if the child is of ethnic decent buy an appropriate doll at Lakeshore Learning.

Gift cards always work
Gift cards are always appropriate and appreciated by parents. Gift cards can be from stores like Target, Macy’s or Gymboree, from book stores or toy stores. A pass to a local indoor play place is also a fun alternative.

Appropriate toys
In the end, toys always make a suitable gift. Some toys that will fit their development include:

  • wooden puzzles: make sure they are simple and include only a handful of large pieces
  • anything they can push: look for walkers and toys designed for 12+ month, you don’t want a toy that can tip over easily
  • stackables: traditional wood blocks or stackable cups provide for great entertainment
  • balls: rolling them will be more of an activity than you think
  • bubbles: Gymboree makes really great bubbles