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How to Prepare For a Well Baby Doctor’s Visits

By Rebecca Wicks

As a new parent you will be taking your baby to the doctor’s office for well baby visits a lot. Starting with a 4-week appointment, you and your baby will see the pediatrician at least a half dozen times before your child reaches the age of two. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your baby’s well baby appointments.

When You Schedule Your Appointment Matters

Try to avoid Monday or Friday appointments as they tend to be packed with sick kids who either waited through the weekend to see a doctor or want to be seen before the weekend starts. 

Schedule your baby’s visit as early in the morning as possible. Doctor’s appointments tend to back up as the day progresses, getting their for an early appointment may mean a shorter waiting time.

Finally, understand when your doctor’s office sees well and sick patients and avoid any possible overlap with the sick patient times.

Make a List
Think of it this way — you’ll have the doctor trapped meaning you’ll have his/her undivided attention, so be prepared with a list of questions. It’s generally more difficult to track down a doctor to ask him/her a question later. Keep a list going in between visits so you don’t miss anything.

Know What to Expect

Know what the doctor will be checking for at each visit by asking him/her. Also understand what you should be working on with your child in between visits, e.g. should you be working on tummy time, should you have considering solid foods, etc.