Get Found Online

Creating Optimized Web Content for Search Engines Last week I had a conversation with a client about the ongoing need for new content on their Website. Before you think, she’s a writer, of course she’s going to say that, here me out. Fact 1: Studies show 85 percent of all initial—[read more »]

I was listening to a BP executive talking on the radio about how BP is committed to mitigating the situation in the Gulf and it reminded me of a cardinal rule I used to teach when media training:  Use simple layman terms. As some would say – speak English! I’m sure this executive is—[read more »]


SEO Copywriting

Business has definitely slowed over the last couple of months. A part of my business that has remained strong is search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting. SEO is the process by which you increase the quantity and quality of visitors to your Website. The fact is, 85 percent of all initial Website visits—[read more »]


How to …

When I was in PR and developing plans for a wide variety of companies I found a good chunk of the proactive marketing created was centered around a single concept — the “how to.” When I worked with Gymboree one of our seasonal marketing outreach programs consisted of: — A video news—[read more »]


Working With Clients

The word “free” may be the root of the word “freelancer” but don’t be mistaken, you are never completely free. Yes, you are free from a stringent 8-to-5 lifestyle and you are free from one boss hoarding over you however, now you just have multiple clients which means you have—[read more »]


Warning: Soap Box Rant

I live in a fairly small town and my reporting duties cover fairly local issues. As the larger economy has oh, let’s call them “issues,” it has an inevitable trickle-down down effect (the opposite one Reagan touted) on local economies. Our local city budget is expecting to be short about—[read more »]

I write for a community newspaper. I mostly write civic-type news and some occasional sports and human interest stories. What I hate writing is about people who have died. I remember reading all of the follow up stories after 9/11. At the time I read the WSJ daily (had a corporate job—[read more »]

Robo-calls. There have got to be hundreds if not thousands of these circulating around – and someone is writing them! I’m a speech writer, I’m a copywriter, maybe I could write these too. It may be a very lucrative industry for me to expand into. I’ll have to consider that—[read more »]


I Heart Romance

I like chick lit and I’m not afraid to say so. My all time favorite chick lit author is the original one — Jane Austen. My daughter’s middle name is Elizabeth (as in Elizabeth Bennet), though I do have to add it is also my husband’s grandmother’s name which made—[read more »]