By Rebecca Wicks Face it — most of us get bored and want to change things in our house after awhile. Ever get the urge to throw everything out and buy a bunch of new stuff so things will look — well, different? Don’t go throwing things out just—[read more »] By Rebecca Wicks A new exterior front door can add substantial curb appeal to your home without costing you a fortune. Today, there is an array of door styles in a multitude of price ranges to choose from. Available at home center stores, lumber yards or through contractors or—[read more »] By Rebecca Wicks Window grids or grilles are wood or PVC attachments that make plain windows look like divided lite windows. Divided lite windows, marked by a grid-like pattern are often coveted by homeowners for their decorative appeal and the unique look they lend to a window and overall—[read more »] By Rebecca Wicks The apron front or farmhouse sink is a classic type of sink marked by a handful of distinctive features. Most notably the front face of the sink is visible and rides above the surrounding countertop giving the sink the appearance of having an “apron” in front—[read more »]