By Rebecca Wicks Ventura County Star Recently changing the focus of their magnet school to science and global citizenship, Mound Elementary School in Ventura was looking for ways to weave science not just into the curriculum but the school itself. They ended up with a certified Monarch Waystation. “We thought—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze May 13, 2015 The City Center is exactly that, a place where members of a community have come together to build a central home for its own. With 17 rooms housing once homeless Venturans, The City Center is focused on getting individuals and families back—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze April 15, 2015 Along with joggers, dog walkers and surfers, the sight of tourists pedaling four-wheeled surreys along Ventura’s boardwalk is a fairly common one. The company behind these and many other recreational rentals– Wheel Fun Rentals – has six locations in the city and—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Mar. 6, 2013 It’s time. It’s time to think about what matters most to us as residents of the City of Ventura because city staff is starting to think about it. And, what’s more soon enough the Ventura City Council will be making decisions about—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Jan. 23, 2013 Sara Roberts, the new head librarian at E. P. Foster Library is private about her personal life. About all she’ll disclose to me is that she likes the beach and being outdoors and eats lunch about once a week at Nature’s Grill.—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Oct. 3, 2012 Last month the Ventura City Council made the decision to look into temporarily ending an ordinance that makes downtown developers include affordable housing in all new projects. The rule, which will suspend the law for five years if approved, is the city’s—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Aug. 8, 2012 When you think of idyllic rivers, ours – the Ventura River – doesn’t usually top the list. In fact, many have forgotten it or don’t even know it’s there. “Ventura has a river?” said John Gonzales who lives just off of Ventura—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Jan. 25, 2012 There were no unexpected last minute saves when it came to the Ventura College programs that lie on the chopping block earlier this month. As expected, the Ventura County Community College District board okayed the slashing of more than 12 programs at—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Jan. 11, 2012 Last month marked the end of 2011. It also marked the end of something else in Ventura – its Redevelopment Agency. In December, the California Supreme Court dashed many a city official’s hopes across the state of the possible continuation of redevelopment—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Jul. 27, 2011 With another controversial proposed redistricting map presented, one thing seems sure to remain the same: Ventura will stay divided – between two congressional districts, that is. Heated debate has swirled around this year’s redistricting project which has proven to be a very—[read more »]