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How to Unclog a Newborn Tear Duct — Heal an Infected Newborn Eye

By Rebecca Wicks

Newborn tear ducts can easily get clogged in the first few days after birth. Instead of heading immediately to the doctor’s office, try this home remedy which provides a surprisingly simple solution.

Symptoms include tearing in the eye, goopy newborn eyes, and red eyes. The tearing and goop in the eyes is commonly yellow or greenish in color.

You’ll need a warm wash cloth and some of your breast milk. Start by applying a warm compress on the newborn baby’s eye. Using your knuckle or pinkie finger apply a small amount of pressure at the inner edge of your baby’s eye and make short sweeping strokes in a downward motion. this encourages the tear duct to open.

Express a few drops of breast milk and drop into the infected eye. Antibodies in the breast milk will help fight the infection. Repeat four to five times a day.

If the ducts remained clogged after a day or two, consult your physician.

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