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Apron Front Kitchen Sink Types


By Rebecca Wicks

The apron front or farmhouse sink is a classic type of sink marked by a handful of distinctive features. Most notably the front face of the sink is visible and rides above the surrounding countertop giving the sink the appearance of having an “apron” in front of it. The basin or bowl of the sink is usually much deeper than a normal sink allowing for the ability to soak large pots and pans. The sink also projects slightly out from the supporting cabinetry originally designed so dripping water would not touch wood cabinets and fall straight to the floor.

Apron kitchen sinks come in both single and double-bowl as well as under mount and drop-in designs. While the classic apron sink is constructed of cast iron, it is now available in a wide variety of materials, colors, finishes and prices. Materials and finishes range from stainless and brushed steel to vitreous china, porcelain – in a wide variety of colors, nickel, chrome, bronze, copper, marble, granite and other stones and composites. Traditionally apron sinks were fitted with wall-mounted faucets. Today, they are also available with holes in the sink to accommodate sink-level faucets. Apron sinks are now designed to be at home in both more modern as well as traditionally-designed kitchens.