I Should Write Robo-Call Scripts

Robo-calls. There have got to be hundreds if not thousands of these circulating around – and someone is writing them! I’m a speech writer, I’m a copywriter, maybe I could write these too. It may be a very lucrative industry for me to expand into. I’ll have to consider that for the next election.

I swear for the past 3 weeks if not more our household has received at least 2-3 calls a day regarding the election. I understand a “reminder” to vote, but really, they are getting to be too much.

I get calls from the Teamsters, from local, state and national figures, from my husband’s union (these calls arrive during the day which baffles me, they know he works right?), from individual teachers and more. At least one of them a day is a robo-call. I mean, who listens to them? I’ve been in marketing many, many years now and I question the ROI on these. They may be a very inexpensive way to “touch” voters, but I seriously wonder how effective they are – or if they are even able to measure this very accurately. I just find them as annoying as hell. It would be a tough decision if someone ever offered me a job to write them.