By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Apr. 20, 2011 Ventura librarians recent past has been in a word: rocky. While none lost their jobs with the closing of the H.P. Wright Library, the task of combining staff, resources and in some cases books themselves has been a tedious one. Now, it—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Jan. 26, 2011 The battle over the fate of Canada Larga, a large piece of property adjacent to the city’s westside boundary has become even more inflamed with opponents hiring an environmental law firm in recent weeks. Toss in Governor Brown’s proposal to do away—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Mar. 10, 2010 Vienna may seemingly sit in the shadow of bigger European cities like Paris, London and Rome but when it comes to classical music it holds its rightful place near – if not at – the top. This year the Ventura Music Festival—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Mar. 11, 2009 With a $6.2 million deficit to deal with this fiscal year and a looming $12 million shortfall projected for next year, the city’s economic woes were front and center during Mayor Christy Weir’s State of the City address last month. “City government—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Ventura Breeze Jan. 28, 2008 Questions still circle around a new law going into effect next month regarding new safety regulations for children’s products. Earlier this month, Lauri Weiner thought she might have to close the doors to Blooms, her small boutique on Main St. which sells—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks SOHO News You have a Web site; you need it to be found easily, regularly and by the right people. It’s yet another thing to market. We all know we need to do it. We just need to figure out the best way. The bottom line is—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks SOHO News Don’t you love it when you find a twenty in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn for awhile? Well, you may have one in there, and just haven’t looked. I am, now talking about a marketing “find” – specifically the information you need—[read more »]

By Rebecca Wicks Every hiring manager wants the right employee in the job he is filling. We all envision someone who has knowledge, listens, picks up skills quickly and meshes well with the rest of the team. Many of us have hired a candidate who we thought was a—[read more »]