Ventura County Star Mar. 22, 2009 It feels like you’ve applied for every job on the Internet and in the newspaper. Now what? Experts estimate that only 5 to 25 percent of jobs are advertised. Most opportunities are found in the “hidden job market,” where access to job information depends—[read more »]

Window & Door Magazine Just 20 years ago window and door material choices were limited to wood, steel and aluminum. Today, there are a plethora of materials available in every price range and style to fit different project needs. For example, alternative materials such as fiberglass and composites are bringing—[read more »]

A Solution to Collect from Unpaid Boarders from Catanese & Wells Blog It’s an all too common scenario: Your boarder is behind – way behind – on boarding fees. By law you are required to care for and continue to board the horse or face possible endangerment or negligence claims.—[read more »]

Defining AS-IS Clause and Express and Implied Warranties From Catanese & Wells Blog You’ve seen the term “As-Is.” Everything from cars, houses, even items on eBay use the term when making a sale. The phrase seems self explanatory – that the buyer is accepting the item “with all faults” –—[read more »]